Hannover Medical School

Primary Tasks and Objectives

In the focus of the biomaterial biobank subproject is the set-up of a biomaterial collection of patients with early onset cystic kidney disease. The collection contains body liquids as EDTA blood for plasma generation or urine and primary cells. Within 3 years, biomaterials of participating patients will be collected and stored for this study. The Hannover Unified Biobank (HUB) will generate harmonized standard operation procedures SOPs for the sample collection, processing, storage and shipping according to national and international standards.

Leading Investigators

Prof Thomas Illig

Prof. Dr. Thomas Illig

Prof. Illig is heading the Hannover Unified Biobank, including all biomaterials from Hannover Medical School (MHH). He co-organized large population based and disease related epidemiological studies (e.g. KORA, Augsburg Diabetes Family Study). Prof. Illig pioneered work on the combination of different systematic molecular data eg. the combination of genome wide association (GWAs) and metabolomics, transcriptomics or epigenomics, leading to better understanding of complex diseases. Prof. Illig is member in several international consortia, many of them focussing on cardio-metabolic diseases (DIAGRAM ands MAGIC for type 2 diabetes; IBC 50K CAD consortium, Global BPgen Consortium, CARDIoGRAM Consortium for cardiovascular diseases).


Prof. Norman Klopp

Dr. Norman Klopp

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